If you need to contact the UK eScience CA Support Centre we require you to generate a helpdesk “ticket”. Typically this will be to report some problem you are having with certificates.

Advice when submitting a ticket

In order for us to provide you with a prompt, accurate response please provide us with the following information (as appropriate) when logging a ticket:

  • all steps/operations/instructions necessary to re-create or reproduce the problem;

  • the data which causes the problem and the data which doesn’t cause the problem if the problem is data dependent;

  • the exact text (or a screenshot) of any error messages;

  • version numbers and names of software involved, including the operating system and browser for certificate issues.

Submitting a helpdesk ticket

You can submit your helpdesk ticket to the UK eScience CA Support Centre helpdesk by email as follows. Please ensure that your contact details are correct, and also indicate if you are going to be unavailable for us to reach you, e.g. if you will be out of your office.